New Book / New Job / New York

“Wandering Cosmos” – my story about a unique store in Helsinki, which was published in Travel Episodes earlier this year, became a chapter in their new book.

(German only, I’m afraid.)

It has been three years since I wrote my last book and two years after it was published. Sales remain good, but writing a book is such an exhausting and time consuming work, that I didn’t consider it an option for a long time anymore.
Now, after investing lots of time into some stories, I’m considering it again. It’s a great place to conserve lots of research and memories for many years. But I won’t write anytime soon. Too many exciting things to do.

Like moving to New York. I was offered a job in Brooklyn and will move west soon. Currently I’m just waiting for the visa to process, while enjoying the late grey autumn in Berlin.

Journey (to) Prague

I was fortunate to have taken part in the ‘Journey’ program 2016 by the Bakala Foundation. For ten days, we twenty young journalists from the US, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Russia and the Ukraine resided in a mansion, overlooking Prague.

We had lectures from 9 AM to 9 PM – and usually some Czech beer afterwards. The teachers were highly trained journalists and writers, from Bloomberg Media, Wall Street Journal or CNN.

When it ended, we were all surprised how emotional it was. We grew quite close in such a short period of time.

My final story from the seminar is up online here: Between Hate and Nothing